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AQUA International for Food Industries provides first-class feeds for fish and shrimp since 2012. The aquafeed manufacturer is positioned as a leading developer of nutrients in Egypt, a leading fish Feed producing country with an annual production of 60000 tones. We help uplift fish growth performance and maximize livestock productivity.


As part of a multiple business structure [includes, inter alia, shipping, logistics, trading, construction set up in Egypt since 1964, AQUA® offers the balanced nutrition for farmed fish.

We serve fish farmers to raise Fish production while maintaining sea resources for tomorrow’s food production. 

We improve pisciculture sustainability by boosting the efficiency of feed production and conversion to lessen environmental impact and preserve natural assets.

The Middle East and Africa population is skyrocketing (projected to reach 2.8 billion by 2050). On the other hand, the world is shifting towards improved farming practices and technologies to feed people sustainably. This massive increase has placed food and water security as significant agenda items for every country.

With that in mind, we seek to expand our offering across the Middle East and Africa as the region is turning to local water sources and waterholes to ensure food security.

Technological innovation and internationalization have always been the driving forces of our growth, enabling us to become a recognized in our targeted markets throughout the world.




First-Class Fish & Shrimp Feed

Fresh Water Feed

Tilapia Fish

Mullet Fish

Cat Fish

Carp Fish

Marine Water Feed

SeaBass Fish

SeaBream Fish

Salmon Fish




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