Research & Development

Developing Fish with High Quality Standards

The components of AQUA® formula are derived from plant-based and animal sources with first-class nutritional composition to bring quality sinking and floating aqua feeds.

The main dietary protein source in our formulation is fish meal. We also use plant protein sources such as soy protein and corn gluten.

Among plant protein ingredients, soybean meal (SBM), the most nutritive plant ingredient used in feeding farmed fish.

It has well balanced amino acid profile and is resistant to oxidation and spoilage. SBM is free of organisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria while it enjoys high digestibility

Raw Material Portfolio

Fish feed contains various raw materials with characteristics and of diverse origin. The high demands towards raw material quality require a thorough understanding of the functionality of each raw material in fish feed – down to fish species level. Raw materials are tested in feeding trials for nutrient digestibility as well as effects on fish growth and health. 

At Aqua Group Research, we are constantly screening and testing new raw materials in our fish feeds, ultimately adding them to our raw material portfolio.

High Tech Production Line

Aqua production line depend on the best fish feed producing equipment as we believe that the equipment is one the important and key factors to introduce high quality product to our valuable customers.




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